Old Godzilla movie(s) but which one? (Definitely not the new ones and remakes made in the 21st century))

To all big-time Godzilla fans out there, I beseech thee. I will try to be as clear as best I possibly can in this post. Please read very carefully with caution.

Here goes:
In this Disney’s Recess episode “Big Ol’ Mikey” clip, from interval 5:57 till 7:54, the scene is obviously spoofing/parodying Godzilla. Problem is there have been so many Godzilla movies over the years so basically I dunno which Godzilla movie(s) does each part from 5:57 till 7:54 spoof/parody.

For example: At 6:33 of the episode, does the scene parody a scene from Godzilla or not? And from which Godzilla movie too?

So, my questions are this:

1) At which time interval(s) between 5:57 and 7:54 of the episode, does a scene(s) spoof/parody Godzilla? And which Godzilla movie(s) is/are it/they spoofing/parodying? Let me know which scene(s) parody which.

2) Once the Godzilla movie(s) has/have been identified, tell me at which time interval(s) do those spoofed scenes take place within the movie(s) itself/themselves.

Please watch this scene carefully and let me know as soon as possible. No hurry, no worry. No rush. Take your time while carefully figuring out and writing down answers.

PS: I am NOT a big Godzilla fan so I have no intention of watching such horror movies. All I care about are just the scenes and time intervals as stated above. I’m not even a King Kong fan either.

2 thoughts on “Old Godzilla movie(s) but which one? (Definitely not the new ones and remakes made in the 21st century))

  1. I’m not sure this is a Godzilla parody; I think it might be playing off of one of those Giant Human movies, like Colossal Man or Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. I have no idea which one it could be, specifically. I wish you luck in solving your question.

  2. If it had been a parody of either giant humans you just mentioned, then it wouldn’t have involved Mikey eating stuff and roaring like a monster namely Godzilla.

    Thanks for trying. Good luck next time.

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