Old fashioned cartoon with talking frogs and foxes

I saw an animated movie on dvd when I was young. In the movie, there is a frog and a fox that talk. I think there were other talking animals as well. They walk like humans and wear clothes from the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. The movie takes place around there. There was a scene where the frog goes to jail and a girl helps smuggle him out by disguising him as her grandma. At the end of the movie, he hears a plane flying overhead and becomes interested in it. I think the frog was obsessed with something throughout the movie. Does anyone know what movie this is? It was in English and was made before 2010. I remember there being 2 different versions of the movie.

4 thoughts on “Old fashioned cartoon with talking frogs and foxes

  1. Your description does sound like “The Wind In The Willows” – but that story has been made into MANY films and TV shows, some animated and some live action, and some with titles referencing the central character who is a talking toad (e.g. “Toad of Toad Hall”). The scenes you mention (‘Toad goes to jail and escapes disguised as old woman’ and ‘Toad has sudden new obsession with planes (following obsession with motor cars)’) occur in most of them. imdb.com lists 87 Wind In The Willows films, Wikipedia lists several as well and there are lots of clips on YouTube. Happy hunting!

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