Old Dog movie from the 80’s or 90’s

What’s the name of this dog movie that’s very similar to homeward bound? The movie’s about a widow who lives alone with her dog. The woman’s son wants her to live with him and his family but she refuses to do so. One day the dog somehow escapes and gets lost,he later gets picked up by a truck driver. The truck driver looks at the dog’s tag but throws away his collar deciding to keep the dog to himself. He then goes in a diner and leaves the dog outside, which is when he runs away and tries to make his way back home. On his journey he lives with another family with two kids for a little while and helps them set free some stray dogs that had been captured and were living in cages. Later he and another dog find a girl who lives with her grandfather and can’t walk, so they stay with her until Christmas season is over, the girl gives a cross necklace to the female dog before they leave her. The female dog gets ran over by a car and a traveler buries her and accompanies the pooch for a little while before parting ways. In the end the dog manages to get back to his original owner just as she’s about to move away with her son.

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