Old Babysitter Movie

  1. When I was younger I had this movie on vhs. It was about a babysitter. The mom was working or at a hair salon or something and there weren’t any babysitters available. Then she got a call and the babysitter went to the house. There was 2 or 3 kids and a dog. The babysitter had on a lot of coats when she got there. There was a lot of singing in this movie. I remember they were looking through a photo album and started singing about that and then they were like driving somewhere in a car while they were singing. They also sang Shirley Temple’s Animal Crackers   in my soup  when they were cooking dinner. They got really messy and had to take a bath and sang a song about that. And I remember at the end the babysitter was swinging while she sang a lullaby and you saw the moon and the stars in the background.

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