Old Bigfoot/Yeti movie (Japanese?)

We were sitting around talking about old monster movies on Chiller Theater.

We all remembered this movie about a yeti or something (not Half Human) or Bigfoot on a mountain. A village of people lived at the bottom. There was a girl who ran around in what only can be described as a “mini-skirt”. It might have been Japanese but not sure.

9 thoughts on “Old Bigfoot/Yeti movie (Japanese?)

  1. You said that it was NOT Half Human (1958), but could it have been the original Japanese cut from 1955? The American version was cut by over 30 minutes. This movie is black and white, features Yetis, has a village of people and the lead actress wears very short outfits. This is the only black and white Japanese yeti film I can find. The link to the IMDb.com page for the Japanese version is below.


    1. Its very possible that this is the one. I see its banned so I would have to find an old cut of it or underground copy. Thank you very much, I will check into it deeper.

      1. The Japanese version of Half-Human is at archive.org under that title. I watched it in August, but had to use one of the download options because the stream only seems to play audio with no picture.

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