Trying to remember a horror movie…

Not that long ago me and my friends where talking about horror movies and now i have one that i can’t remember. It was my first horror movie. I saw it sometime in 2006-2009 on a TV. I can’t remember any actors, but i do remember some scenes, like in the beginning there were two men in contamination suits. They were going down to a white tunnel in a elevator. After they arrived to the tunnel they had zombies running at them. There was also a girl and zombie dogs. The girls dad was a doctor who had something to do with creating zombies and the virus. Please help me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Trying to remember a horror movie…

  1. I remember there’s a couple and this guy knows everything about his relationship with a girl and trying to get her back but she is with someone because somehow she forgot everything and started a new life.

    I remember too this outside her apartment door scene where they talk and get back.

    I’m having a lot of trouble trying to remember the name of the is movie.

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