Obscure SE Asian Movie

I remain intermittently haunted throughout the years by the memory of an obscure SE Asian movie I saw at a festival once as a teenager about a lonely bike courier who falls in unrequited love with a streetwalker, and eventually abducts her corpse after she is murdered for doublecrossing her pimp, then takes said corpse home and lives with it.

This scene of him sitting at his kitchen table with her blank-eyed flyblown corpse, saying: “Those other men; they don’t love you. But *I* love you. I’ll always love you.”

1996-1998; it was southeast asian; best guess Vietnamese; it was undoubtedly a movie; I saw it at the Canberra Film Festival; I ushered the screening of it; it was relatively new at the time; it was in colour

If I never find out the name of this movie it will plague me to my grave

4 thoughts on “Obscure SE Asian Movie

  1. “Mee Pok Man”(1996)


    …he places her corpse in a chair at the table every time he is eating, as if they were eating together. She decays more and more. In the final scene he is lying next to her altogether putrefied body in the bed, decently fondling her and saying, “Others loved you only when you were beautiful, but I still love you.”

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