Obscure Erotic Thriller that used to be on Netflix a few years ago

A few years back (2012 I think) I watched a trashy but enjoyable erotic thriller on Netflix that I can’t for the life of me remember much about. It featured a man telling a female therapist or detective (can’t remember which) about his rollercoaster relationship with a recently deceased woman. He recalled how their sex-life had once been exciting but eventually became stale, resulting in them trying to find solutions to recapture their original passion.

Anyway, eventually she either gets murdered or dies in an accident (again, can’t remember) and the man is later seduced by the therapist/detective, resulting in a steamy sex-scene between them in a bath and then the bedroom where the therapist/detective attempts to handcuff him. I doubt anyone here will have the faintest idea of what movie this is but I thought it was worth a try. Maybe there are other perverts out there who have seen this haha.

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