Not sure what the title is

I am trying to remember this movie I saw on tv back sometime between 1995 to 2004. It was English and in color. From what I know about it there are these two guys that kidnap a girl for ransom. Might of been for money or stopping someone from doing something. The bad guys tie the girl up in this warehouse to a pole and leave her there to make calls for ransom on payphones. They keep using different payphones since the police were alternated and they kept trying to track them down. The warehouse was filled with junk witch makes me think it was a storage area. This took place at nighttime and the two guys were driving around in a minivan if I remember right. There was a scene were a group of kids find the girl and try to help her out but they get caught by the bad guys. That is all I remember it seemed like a kid movie but not sure.

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