Not Army of Darkness

I think I saw this scene in a movie in the ’90s, and I thought at that time that the (colour) movie had been made quite recently. At some point I thought it was Army of Darkness but I’ve since watched that and did not see the scene. Perhaps an alternative version?

In the scene the Ash-like hero is driving his sweet convertible through rough terrain with his best Sheila-like girl by his side. It felt like the end of the movie but may just have been a pivotal moment. He suddenly slams on the brakes, and as the camera pulls way back to take in the entire situation, we see the car is stopped before a huge cliff with (if I recall correctly) Deadite-like creatures crawling around everywhere.

And that’s all I remember. Ring any bells for anyone?

7 thoughts on “Not Army of Darkness

  1. well, just as a instant response or whatever and no backup evidence as of this moment, as i watched em all 50 years ago and dont remember, but am sure i can rewatchem on youtube or something if need be…anyway there is 3 other movies in that “trilogy” evil dead and evil dead 2 and then aod(which basically is evil dead 3) so with ya no support of it now, think it could be one of them? ill have to get back to you, unless someone else beats me to it/your movie question

    1. Good point, I probably should have addressed that. I’ve watched Evil Dead 2 and it’s definitely not in that movie, and I understand that 2 is essentially a remake of the original so I doubt it’s in that one either.

      1. ok, so i can make a point to stop watching this one atm, start heading in a new direction. ty much for replying šŸ™‚

      2. well..i just got done skimming 100 movies? more? for these scenes/movie and 3 hours go by, where does the time go? anyway …same thing if is not found by someone tommorrow……ill puttingin more effort to find it

          1. good morning the next day at 550pm! no problem is fun playing sleuth for all šŸ™‚ time to go looking

  2. for the first quick shot, i seen a link yesterday about a Ash vs. Evil Dead and a Evil Dead Rise..featuring dead-ites i think..ill have to check out

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