Non-English movie about Lizards speaking in people’s ears

Saw this film about 10-15 years back, probably a French or Italian movie.

It’s about a woman in her early thirtees who visits a hill community in some European location. It is a place where her parents/grandparents spent their childhood.

She meets with older couples and singles in the locality who grew up with one of her parents/grandparents.

For some reason she interviews each of them and documents each of their story about childhood of her parents using a camcorder.

She is staying in a hotel in the city with a collegue/boyfriend and visits the hilly area (where the old people are) on a truck.

Along with this there is a mention of a legend about lizards/chamaleons that are found there, which is something about them sneaking up to people’s ears and taking away their memories or something.

There is no action or horror angle but there is one scene where the antagonists gets trapped in a barn with said lizards only to be rescued by her co-worker.

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