Need to find this tv series

Its  2019 or 2018 show.
I think its a British Tv series.

A writer comes to a village  surrounded by a lake of a sort to investigate a dissapearance of a teenage girl. Hes invited by her grandfather whos rich. His relatives lives nearby houses.

The writer stays in a guest house and have a cat.he tries going back to town by train but the rain stops him,
He once get shot by a sniper like rifle. Once his house is attacked and he sets up some cameras around.theres a scene in the bridge which connect the village to mainland.

this is all i remember,I watched this recently in 2019 or 2018 but really I cant remember its name or the actors.

3 thoughts on “Need to find this tv series

  1. Sounds like “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, 2009 or 2011 version. It’s a movie, but it’s a part of Millenium series (3 swedish and 2 american movies).

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