Need help identifying a car chase movie or TV show

I remember watching this on TV, I believe late 70’s.  The scenes I remember were this guy was a stunt driver preparing to commit a crime and was planning his getaway.  He was using a heavily modified car (I think it was a Camaro or Mustang) with a full roll cage .  He did at least one practice run involving a rollover down a bank where the car lands back on it’s wheels and he is able to keep going. I tried using the site

Any help is greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Need help identifying a car chase movie or TV show

  1. As much as as wish those were it, they aren’t. Like I said this car was modified with a full rollcage etc. And with at least one practice run, rolled over several times down an embankment, back on it wheels continuing on. This was to be his getaway route later on. The driver was by himself and was a former stunt driver, as I recall. I think this took place in Cali…possibly LA area. This may have been a TV show and not a movie.

  2. Some more thoughts…. from memory, this wasn’t your typical car chase movie (or show). It had a CHiP’s TV show feel about it. Most of the show or movie was about the guy preparing the car and setting up his escape route. I can’t remember if there even was an actual police chase after the crime…it may not have been. The police were trying to solve the crime though. I have checked the CHiP’s TV episode list, but didn’t see one I thought fit. The CHiP’s TV show ran in the same time frame I remember watching it too.

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