need help finding love movie

Hi everyone ive spent weeks trying to find this movie so anything really helps. Ok from what I can remember the movie takes place in a city (nyc i believe) and the main actress is a struggling hispanic/american woman who is working at a dead end job making 12 dollars an hour when she meets a fairly succesful man who falls for her immediately but she is reluctant to love him but eventually does. The scene I remember was the man and woman talking to each other in the middle of a sidewalk right before she goes to work, she is dressed in a long jacket coat where she specifically states that she can barely make ends meet and she only makes 12 dollars an hour. I cant remember what the man looks like but the woman was fairly young maybe between 20-30 and has long straight lighy brownish hair, tan skin and seems of cuban or puerto rican decent kind of like eva mendes. Im guessing the movie was made between the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The movie plot is similar to maid in manhattan but it wasnt a big budget movie and its more of a romantic not a comedy. Thanks for reading anything will help.

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