Need a Title, please help!

Hi All,

I’m after a movie title that’s been on my mind for weeks now. This movie is a crime/drama from the 1990s or very early 2000s in which a teenage girl is found dead on the outskirts of a little town in a bushy/woods area in a canal where there is a concrete built part with no or few water in it or something. She may not have been the first victim, I can’t remember properly but there was I think two detectives from elsewhere (maybe FBI?) who start to investigate. I think the girl went out the night before in a red, small car and I think her father was not happy that she is going out.. the father is a well known man in the town (maybe a cop or sheriff?).

When the girl is discovered  the father is approaching the crime scene and the daughter’s red car is shown, door opened and when the father recognizes the car it’s the people around who need to hold him down as he gets mad and wants to see the girl found dead but they don’t allow him to go there.

And I’m not sure but there might be three brothers who are like thugs in the town with bad reputation and the girl’s father runs out to find the killer with the brothers’ help but the two detectives are not happy about it. One of the detectives is young, laid back kinda like Kevin Bacon or Gary Sinise but looking through their filmography I could not find the movie. The other detective may be older(?) and more experienced and might be of different ethnicity too but I’m not sure.

If it rings the bell to anyone, please help.

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