80s or 90s kids movie

I remember watching this movie all the time from blockbuster back in the 90s. It wasn’t a popular film. The setting was a kids house I believe his name was Stewart and he is a really bright kid he must be like 10 yrs old in the film. His sister who is older has a sex addiction problem. Their home gets invaded by these guys with guns one day and the whole family is held captive in their own home. I think the bad guys were dressed in blue or black coveralls. The kid somehow gets away and sets up traps to take out the bad guys one by one. I remember one of the traps the boy Stewart somehow made a home remedy similar to chloroform and took out one guy with it. The sister sleeps with one of the bad guys to distract what the family is trying to do to escape. It’s sort of similar to home alone.

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    1. Home invasion was with three girls. This movie that I’m referring to has a boy around age 10 and an older sister around age 16

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