Need a movie tittle

Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry for my english, it is not my first language. I hope you understand the description of the movie I am trying to find.

About seven years ago, I saw a movie on the Internet about a man who returns to Spain from the United States. During his visit, he spends the night at a colleague’s house where he meets his colleague’s wife and daughter. The daughter of the colleague begins to seduce him and that night he has sex with her. Her father realizes what happened and the man tries to escape. Finally, I do not remember how, the man ends up murdering his colleague and simulates it like a car accident. The police begin to investigate the case, at the same time that he continues to have the relationship with the daughter of the colleague. I remember that the man stays several days in the house of his mother and sister in Spain. The sister is an activist against the Spanish political system.

The movie is in spanish. I dont remember any names of the actors.

Any person that can help me? I urgently need to get the title of this film for an academic job

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