Nazi roadblock scene – “your papers are not in order”

older movie with a nighttime scene where a man in a car is stopped in a ww2 era nazi roadblock there are people hiding in the car and soldiers are checking his travel papers. the nazi soldier looks at the papers and says in a heavy accent “your papers are not in order”

2 thoughts on “Nazi roadblock scene – “your papers are not in order”

  1. There is a scene in “Shining Through” where a man disguised as a Nazi is trying to smuggle a female spy/love interest over the border into Switzerland (I think–could have been another country) and is stopped. The Nazi guards tell him his papers aren’t in order and he pretends his throat is wounded so he can’t speak.

  2. It’s from Firefox starring Clint Eastwood from 1982. The scene takes places in a railway station bathroom.

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