nations where everyone only wears its nation’s (primary) color

Not sure if this was a show or a movie. I don’t even remember if there were actual dialogue.

There were at least 3 “kingdoms” – red blue and yellow (not sure if there’s more), and everyone, from head to toe, was wearing only the kingdom’s colors. Kirsty Mitchell’s – “Gaia, The Birth of an End” reminds me of the characters in the “movie” (without the crying; it’s a pretty lighthearted show):

I remember the style of clothes (or at least one of the kingdom’s) is French period – ladies were wearing puffy dresses, and guys had long curly hair and mustache. These kingdoms are always completing with each other – and if I remember correctly there was a battle between these kingdoms.

This show is likely to be before 1995 – me and my brothers were under 10 at the time; one of them remembers there being people jumping out with parachutes in the sky too (all in a specific primary color). We borrowed that VHS video from the library.






4 thoughts on “nations where everyone only wears its nation’s (primary) color

  1. yes this is it!! thank you – this brings back a lot of memories for me and my brothers 🙂
    and thanks for the link too – too bad i couldn’t find another with better quality (unlike the trailer on YouTube)

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