Mystic, almost certainly 90s. Raven with red eyes and 666 (or just the pentagram idk).

The girl learns that she has superpowers and she is a witch.

There is a scene where she sits in the library and uses telekinesis to control the flame of a candle. At this moment, the guy who liked her sees it from behind.

Also in this city (?) there is a secret society that gathers under some kind of tree, stand at the corners of the pentagram.

There is also a raven with red eyes, the appearance of which always means problems (I don’t remember whether it’s some kind of sorcerer, or a sorcerer’s raven).

Murders begin to take place, 666 and pentagrams are carved into the bodies of the victims. The main character’s boyfriend is also killed.

In the end, everything is already ok, the evil seems to have won, everything is fine, she seems to be married, she has a baby in a stroller on the street, she hears the phone ringing in the house. She goes to the house, answers the phone, it is her husband calling from work, and through the window she sees a raven with red eyes flying up to the stroller with the baby.

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