Mystery Girl

I remember a movie that I saw on TV around 2005-2007, but the movie is probably made pre 2000’s. It was in color.  There was a young girl in England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland. She is at this house, an old house, and she sees monsters in the house. At the end of the film, she passes by the house years later and it had burned to the ground.

Sorry, I know it isn’t a lot, but it is the last thing I remember watching with my grandmother.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Girl

    1. Yeah I just found the script and at the end the house burns down. This very well may be it!

      you can’t imagine how happy this makes me, thank you!

  1. i am not sure why, but i was actually thinking about this film earlier this week. so it was on my mind. and the conflagration that consumes the house at the end is very memorable – for all the wrong reasons.

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