Murder Mystery on the High Seas?

I saw a mystery-genre movie on TV about 13 people on an ocean liner.  Late 70’s, early 80’s.  The ending scene was a little white statue of a person sinking to the depths.  The idea was that one of the 13 people had no soul so there were really only 12 “souls” on the ship.  There were men’s voices singing at the end, something about “of the tomb” or “of the doomed”.  I think there were murders along the way?  I’ve wanted to see that movie again–I remember it was scary to a much-younger me!

7 thoughts on “Murder Mystery on the High Seas?

    1. BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure that’s it!!! Thank you so much–I can’t wait to try to figure out how to find this and watch it again. I appreciate it!!!

  1. The plot involves a cruise ship which finds an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in the Gulf of Mexico(!?), which contains the Antichrist. It starts causing the ‘Omen’ styled deaths of passengers, and I think at the end it goes back into the sea and you do hear eerie chanting on the soundtrack.

    1. How does my query get moved to the “Solved!” category? I am looking for a button to click on or something, but I’m not finding anything. I definitely want to give “credit where credit is due”!!! Thank you again, “Livinghead”, for the help!!!

      1. Irtmadmin will mark it solved when they see it, and you are welcome. The movie you seek has never been released to dvd as far as I know, but you can look for the vhs release on Ebay or Amazon.

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