Murder at a boarding boarding school, supernatural elements

I’m looking for movie I watched years ago and I only remember vague details of. It is set in a boarding school and the narrative is split between the past events happening and the characters (a group of boys) being interrogated by a female detective because one of them had died. I think the protagonist had just arrived at the school and got involved with this group of problematic boys, in particular the one that died. At some point there is a scene where they open a tomb. There were supernatural elements, a curse of some sort, because I have this image of the ending and it is the protagonist sitting alone in a bus after the interrogation ended and it is revealed that the spirit of the boy who died lives on in the protagonist because of that curse. The whole vibe of the movie was pretty creepy and I remeber googling the ending because it was left to interpretation.

It’s pretty all over the place but that’s what I remember. I really want to find it because it’s really nagging me!

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