Moving Raw Meat Pieces/Steak Out From Glass/Cup

It was an old movie,

The male actor released out of jail or something,

He wants to go somewhere and some guy with a cart on the road helps him,

Suddenly lefts our actor in the middle of somewhere.

Nearby there is a castle or some hospital-like building and he enters there,

I can’t really remember what happened in that building,

But there were chickens in that building,

And there was this scene; head guy of that building goes somewhere and torture people with nails but they kinda enjoys the torture or something I don’t remember,

And as the Post Title goes;

There are some little bit of these strange mini clips(in like every 10 minutes or so) of meats (literally raw meat/meats/steak piece) moving out of glass/cup, climbing a table or making love with each other or some crazy shit like that I don’t really remember.



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