Horror movie seen in the early 2000s

I only watched it once, but I remember it pretty vividly. The movie was sort of Jigsaw-esque (people kidnapped, tortured, one person dying per room) but looking into stuff like that hasn’t turned up anything I’ve recognized.

One of the first scenes has a bunch of people with collars on and chains leading to the back of a big grey room, they all have to struggle forward to a button on the other side of the room that releases their collar, and the last one to do it dies, and the one who died was a blond woman.

The second-to-last scene I remember required one of the three to die, and there were two women and a man, one of the women tried to kill one of the others (I think the man?) but then got stabbed (or tased? I don’t know why I think that, though) and dies, and gets thrown into a bathtub in the middle of the room?

In the final room/the one after that, the remaining man and woman are told to “donate blood” if they want to survive. With a blender. I can’t remember if the man was still alive at that point, but I definitely remember that the woman was alive and did, in fact, shove her hand in the blender.

It was definitely a movie, because my mom came in and told me I shouldn’t be watching it, took the dvd out, and put it in its Redbox case so she could take it back (yes, I was a kid. I don’t know how old I was, probably around 5-6 based on other stuff I remember).

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