Movie with scene of person locking and unlocking a door

Hey there Skootch back with another bizarre movie find that just popped in my head. All I can remember from this one is a woman (I think) unlocking a door, shutting the door, locking it, then unlocking it and repeating what she was doing over and over again, she might have started banging her head against the door too, I don’t remember though. I’m pretty sure that scene was featured in the trailer of the film either over laughing or some creepy music. Definitely a horror film. It might’ve been a exorcism film, but I’m not entirely sure. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Movie with scene of person locking and unlocking a door

  1. OK, the movie where the door is unlocked and locked again that I was thinking about was The Equilizer. It’s right before Denzel fights the first gang of Russian guys and they tell him to leave and he goes to the door and unlocks and locks it. I figured that out last night.

    I was thinking of two different movies though, should I make a new post for that one are is it OK to continue it here? I’ll wait for admins response.

    1. I’ll leave it up to you. You might get better responses with a new post. If you do so I’ll mark this “solved.”

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