Movie with children home alone + peephole!

I remember this movie from the early 1990s but I don’t know the exact year of production. It involved siblings who, for some reasons, were left home alone and were specifically told by their parents(s) that they should not open the door to anyone. Then,  a woman visit. The only thing I remember is that the kids discussed whether to open the door or not and kept looking at the lady from the peephole. For some reason, the movie was scary to me back then, although it was not a typical scary movie at all.

4 thoughts on “Movie with children home alone + peephole!

  1. were they hiding under a table from a social worker or similar profession? in a vey small house or tailer? i don’t know the movie either but that scene spring to mind.

  2. I remember a scene similar to that in “Uncle Buck.” John Candy takes care of his nieces and nephew, but has to go find the eldest child who snuck out to attend a party. His girlfriend comes over to care for the youngest ones, and they almost don’t let her in.

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