Movie where girl brushes off her crush and he drowns

The movie was in color, English language, probably saw it around 1998-2002 and the word “moon” or “moonlight” may have been in the title. Im almost certain i got it at a video rental store. I can almost see the cover in my memory. (Possibly a girl looking out an attic window at a moon?) The main actress was a young girl (8-14yrs?) and she had dark brown or black hair. There was a boy who was quiet that liked her, and wanted to kiss her or told her he liked her, and she turned him down. If i recall correctly she wasnt very nice about it either. A few scenes later the boy is at a lake and slips in and drowns. She proceeds to feel horrible and I think I remember a funeral scene as well. There was a camera angle from the boys perspective as he was drowning, as well.

4 thoughts on “Movie where girl brushes off her crush and he drowns

    1. That is eerily close, but no! For some reason I vividly remember the drowning scene of the boy. The boy was much younger than in this movie above. Im almost certain she had darker hair as well. Thanks for the guess though!

  1. I wanna say his name is Fred or Freddie can’t remember if it came out on Disney channel I’ve been searching for this movie and the parents break the news to the lil hit during brunch she sleeps in a room in the attic right

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