Movie that Ends In A Fight where a Woman Survives and Kills the Man trying to Kill Her

So this movie memory popped into my head in the middle of the night and now I can’t get to sleep.
I remember watching a movie, no more than 5 years ago (I would guess maybe 3 years ago) where near the end of the film (possibly the last or one of the last scenes) a woman ends up (she’s running away from someone who’s trying to kill her) near a pool during the night. I believe the pool is outside and in (outside) someone’s house (i.e. not a public swimming pool) but I don’t think it is the woman’s house/pool (i.e. I think it’s just some stranger’s house/pool).
I think the film is fairly new, i.e. 2000s, and if not, no earlier than the 90’s.
The woman and the killer (who might be masked? I think the killer was a man) end up in a tossle/fight for probably a minute or a few minutes. I don’t think there were any guns- the fight was close counter (with a knive(s), maybe?).
Somehow or rather, they both end up in the swimming pool trying to kill each other. And I believe at the end of it all, the woman is the victor and manages to kill her killer (I believe there are shots- birds eye view shots of the after math with the body floating in the pool). I believe the woman is slim and otherwise generally attractive, white, and probably in her 20’s (or 30’s?).
What I vividly remember about the experience was really liking the happy/strange music playing loudly over the two trying to kill each other. It was some kind of rather upbeat-ish? old-ish (70’s, 80’s or 90’s?) song, maybe something like Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper?
There’s a good chance the film was a horror film (or thriller?) and that the whole film was dark in mood/maybe the whole film is about this woman trying to survive from this killer trying to kill her.
Now, I’m not 100% confident that all the details I provided are true, in fact, I’m not even 70% confident.
What I know for sure, is this movie had this scene near the end, it was a fight during the night, between only two people (no one else was there), the fight started beside the pool and ended in the pool, someone gets killed and ends up floating in the pool, there was an old-ish sounding happy-ish (somewhat ill-fitting, but eerily so, for a murder scene) song playing over the scene while the murder is happening, I watched this no more than 5 years ago, the film was made no earlier than the 90’s.
THANKS in advance to anyone who offers any help! xD

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