Movie involed murderers/assassins, possibly..

Hello, I just found this site, so here’s to hoping you can give me a hand. I’m terrible at movie names/character names/etc.

So, I seen it a few years ago, probably more than 4 years ago,  it may have been on TV, possibly on those terrible movie channels you get with a digital subscription.

There was a character in the movie/show (we’ll call it movie for ease) that was mute, and she talked with an electronic device, possibly an electrolarynx. I believe she also wielded a chainsaw, and I believe she was someone who cleaned up murders/assassinations.

I only remember one scene really, and I feel like the main character (not the mute woman) was falling through a roof, possibly being chased on rooftops by assassins, and the mute woman assisted him/tried to kill him.

I know this isn’t much to go with, but I believe it was a shooter movie or at least an action movie.

I don’t remember the language, but I believe the fact she was using a device means it was an English movie, it was definitely in colour, if my memory serves correctly.

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