Movie from my childhood

My brother and I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to remember the name of a VHS that we had when we were young. Color. English. I’m guessing 1970’s-1980’s, and I would consider it a family/drama movie. The main character was a boy (the name ‘Duncan’ keeps coming to mind, but I could be completely wrong!!) and, at one point during the movie, he and some other boys were at a clay/mud pit and linked up army men to throw mud at them. Then it turned into throwing it at each other, and one of the boys put a rock in his ball of clay/mud and hit the main character in the back of the head and he fell down unconscious. My brother also remembers a lot of people lying down throughout the quarry pretending to be dead from their battle, and I seem to remember a raccoon in a cage at some point during a different part of the movie LOL

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