Movie from 80’s, 90’s?

Hello! 🙂

I watched this movie when I was little on tv, I think between 1995-2000, and I don’t know why but some scenes got stuck in my head for years. Often I try to find it but it’s impossible, so I will try this place instead 🙂 if any one can help me I will appreciate it more than you think.

Things that I remember about the movie:

  • It was in color.
  • A guy (probably on it’s 20 or 30, I don’t think he was old) arrives to a town. I’m not sure if he was a reporter or a writer, but I remember he had this cassette recording device that he used like a diary, I think.
  •  I remember there was a cleaning lady or a housekeeper in the place he was staying and this woman was supposedly deaf (but at the end of the movie you see a scene where she was listening to the recording device of the man, so you realize she was pretending all along. I think she was in love with him because she was crying while listening).
  • There was another girl in town that people believed she was a little crazy because she talked about weird things… what I remember is that she told him that he was the man she always was waiting for, that she always knew he would come and they will fall in love. There was one scene that I remember vividly where he goes to her place and she shows her all the sweaters she made for him all the past years before she met him, and he asked: “how did you knew my size?” and her answer was “I always knew”. There was one sweater that was bigger than the rest and she says “I made this one when I was 17, I guess I though you’d be taller”. Probably those aren’t the exact words but very similar.
  • I think that eventually the guy fell in love with this girl and she convinced him about killing themselves and at the end of the movie they do it (I think from a bridge)

That’s all I remember. I don’t remember exactly the actors, I could say that they all had black hair but honestly I’m not sure. Thanks again for the help! 🙁

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