Movie about time ripples?

Hi, I’ve been trying to find a movie that I saw years ago.

I have little information to go on, I can’t remember any famous actors being it, but it was about a group of people all living their own lives. I think one the main people was crippled or walking with the aid of a stick.

I can’t excactly remember the details of the story but I remember some specific scenes.

One in particular where a person (I think a woman, one of the main characters in the movie) is in a car on a bridge. And these strange ripples appear making the bridge disappear bit by bit and causing her to fall into the water. And then a few second later the bridge reappears again piece by piece.

Then there is a scene where the main protagonists get together and find out where those ripples come from and apparently they come from somewhere in the middle of an ocean or sea. They try to go their on a boat before it is too late (they have limited time from what I can remember, before the next ripple comes) and then they arrive at this sort of facility in the middle of the sea and they go inside and find out tue government or military (I’m not sure) is creating the ripples and the boss there explains everything. I’m not sure what happens next but in the end they all are back at home and their lives are better. If not mistaken, the man with the stick can walk without the stick and a woman gets back together with her boyfriend I think?

If anyone knows the title of this movie, please let me know! Thank you!

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      1. You’re very welcome. I had just watched it recently too. Lol really awesome series. Check out Tera’s Nova, That has some time travel.

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