Movie about teenagers who find stolen money

Four teenagers unknowingly find an injured bank robber in a parked car along this road near a gravel pit. They discover stolen money and dare one teen to shoot and kill the robber. They eventually wait for the robber to die but he doesn’t and then one teen kills the robber and they bury him in a park. They throw the gun in the trunk of the car and push the car into the gravel pit lake to hide it.

Years later they meet up again as adults in a cabin. It turns out that the lake where the car is hidden is being drained so the authorities will find the car and possibly the gun in the trunk. Some of them want to turn the money in, the priest and lawyer, but one, who is a cop now, doesn’t want to. He likes his lifestyle with the stolen money. It ends in a hostage situation and eventually a shootout.

5 thoughts on “Movie about teenagers who find stolen money

  1. That is the movie. Thank you very much. Been trying to recall the title for several years now. Thanks again!!

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