Movie about rich old people taking over the bodies of the poor

I haven’t seen this movie, but it was described to me a while ago and this is all I remember.

Like the title says, there’s a community of rich old people that want to experience life a bit more and they take over the bodies of the poor. Unfortunately, I don’t know from what year the movie is so I can’t really contribute more to the description.

I would appreciate any help in finding the movie title! Cheers 🍻

12 thoughts on “Movie about rich old people taking over the bodies of the poor

  1. I think a recent one with this kinda plot is “Get Out (2017)” Never saw it, but I think it fits well with your description, from what I’ve been told.

  2. The victims in “Get Out” aren’t really about poor people, though. ( I don’t want to get into too much detail or I’ll ruin the movie for you). Let’s just say that the perpetrators are extremely wealthy, older, white people and they want to inhabit the younger bodies of a certain ethnicity…

  3. Unfortunately, none of the guesses so far are correct. There is one more details that I remembered. The setting is somewhere in the future. I also think the movie is German (but not 100% about this)

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