movie about reincarnation, doctor psychologist and reduce of fear

I saw this movie years ago, yet remember its content quite well. But I can’t recall the title, director’s name or any actor. In the short words it was a thriller about reincarnation. The story started when an English psychology doctor is moving with the family to USA. He had helped a patient (a master of swimming) to get rid of his fear. As the result the patient lost any fear and drowned in the cold river. So one can see that natural fear has its positive side too. The same concept is being proved in the last episode, when another patient of this doctor, a small girl, comes closer to an old lady who is actually a reincarnation of some old alchemist or something like that, instead of more natural running away. So this lady/alchemist get a chance to catch the girl and to transfer his spirit to her (he was not able to do it at a distance).

There was an old church basement too, and some deaths etc.

Please help me to recall the title of this movie. Thanks!

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        1. > I think he meant he would be “following”
          > the thread because he was interested in the answer too.

          Thank you for your explanation, now I see the whole picture. Surely you are right about the actual meaning of David Bowers post. 😉 I was not able to make this guess.

          > I ran a quick search on IMDB but I don’t think
          > any of these are the one you’re looking for.
          > You can check them out, though:

          Thank you very much for your help. But yes, you are right, none of these movies is the one I tried to describe. Actually the story about the drawn sportsman is not essential, it does not even an episode inside the movie plot, but the doctor-protagonist only mention this in the beginning of the movie in order to explain his transferring from UK to USA.
          I tried to search by different keywords including reincarnation + psychologist and some others combinations, but could not find anything similar. I do remember this movie content quite well, but I am not able to find the right keywords combination.

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