Movie about a video game becoming real

Movie is about 2 teenage boys who are obsessed with this new Halo-like video game. The game is taken away from one of the boys. When he finds a way to play anyway, the movie becomes real, bringing him into the game. When he logs on, he uses his handprint on the to screen. Both boys eventually become part of the game. However, the boys are on opposing teams and end up battling each other.

2 thoughts on “Movie about a video game becoming real

  1. NIGHTMARES (1983)

    One part of this four-part horror anthology features a video-game-crazed (and bleached blond) Emilio Estevez so obsessed that he sneaks into the arcade after hours to finish the final level of a game called the Bishop of Battle. Then the game comes to life: actual spaceships burst from the video game cabinet itself, to blast our hero in the real world. Uh oh.

    The next morning, we hear a familiar digitized voice emanating from a game. “Greetings, Earthling. I am the Bishop of Battle, master of all I survey,” says Estevez, now trapped inside the machine. “I have 13 progressively harder levels. Try me if you dare. Insert coin.” An incredulous buddy says, “He’s got you.” What better metaphor for how games would change us (even the blocky vector graphics are light years behind today’s hyper-real first-person shooters).

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