Movie about a submarine

Hi. I remember this movie, I once saw when I was a bit younger.

It’s from somewhere in the 90’s maybe in start of 2000.

The movie is about a submarine, with american soldiers, you follow the submarine and the guys in it, as they have to travel from somewhere i don’t remeber, to somewhere in usa, above on the surface, everything has ben blast and partly anything is standing, after a nuclear war/something with nuclear, I think they say it was something with usa vs russia in the movie, BUT maybe im wrong, anyways I clealy remeber that they simply can’t go up to the surface because of the nuclear radiation, but at some point in the movie, one of fellas of the crew, can’t take it any more, and dosen’t wan’t to stay in the submarine, and at that point when this guy is going nuts and wan’ts to go up to the surface and leave the sub, they are in san francisco, witch is where he is from and then there is a secene after that he leaves the sub, where he is sitting in a boat in san francisco harbor with a fishing pole and a beer in his hand, they are calling him on the radio, and he’s telling he is where he just once to be…


HELP WHAT MOVIE IS IT, sorry for the long text, I just had to get all those small scenes and context into it, as that is all i remember from the movie..

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