Movie about a hotel where everything looked like a cartoon

I saw this movie on tv, I don’t know if it was a tv movie or a independent movie or what.

There’s only one scene I managed to remember, it was a woman on a car talking to a security guard that had a booth in the middle of the desert. The guard gave the women some sort of drug, the the woman started to hallucinate and seeing everything like a cartoon or animation, as if she was on acid.

The she arrived to a hotel, full of people and everyone looked like a cartoon. She even saw herself younger than she was, and everyone had the chance or hability to look as they pleased. Apparently the woman was a famous artist or actress,, writer, I don’t remember, but she didn’t want anyone to recognize her. As she entered the hotel towards the reception desk she was talking on the phone to her son.

The last scene I remember was her on her room, calling for room service. The service crew where some little dudes that looked like elfs.

Everything was animated. The movie had some real life elements and scenes. It looked like it was a recent film I’m guessing between 2010-2015. I saw it about a month ago. It was a English speaking movie.

Another thing, my tv programming guide is in spanish, the title in spanish that appeared was”El Consejo”, not sure that was the real title, sometimes the tv guide is no synchronized with the programming.


Please help 🙂

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