Mother & adult daughter on tables connected to a dream machine in opening scene

I saw a sci-fi movie that started out w an adult daughter & get mother asleep on beds hooked up to dream machines. I thought the actress was Rachel Ticotin but I didn’t find it in her repertoire. I think the daughter wanted to move on from that. She didn’t just want to dream her life away. That’s all I can remember. Thanx.

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I am what I am by the grace of God. I like a wide variety of movies, genres, w sci-fi being my favorite since a kid. Altho I like horror movies overall, I have problems w the explicitness of many of today's movies which provide little in the way of the need to use your imagination...maybe I'm old school but I don't need to see 2 people undressed making out in the screen to know what goes on behind closed doors. I have yet to find a real movie where this really serves a purpose. For instance, I own "Band if Brothers" & being a former Marine I can't help tear up watching it. I looked fwd to seeing "The Pacific", especially being a Marine. However, & maybe I had too high expectations after "BOB" but I was highly disappointed when they had the nude scenes, which were totally unnecessary in my lowly opinion. In my old age I've rethought a lot of movies I used to watch, or even own. I'm getting rid of a lot of them. I like movies that challenge your thinking. Anyways, I like sci-fi, horror, John Wayne (which means I like war & westerns), adventure, anime, action, animation, family, musicals, etc. This doesn't mean I like them all. Oh. I'm blessed w ADHD too. :-D

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    1. thanx for the info. sounds familiar. now I’ll have to watch it again to get it out of my system. ADHD.
      have a blessed day!

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