most probably mid to late 80’s horror movie/series

this is a movie out of which I only remember 2 scenes, the first was happening in a nightclub , some sort of black magic takes place, the DJ, a male, Caucasian, about 5.2 and long black curly hair, is playing music, then 4-5 CDs with no particular design but the visible part being the shiny part where the music is accessed, fly in the air from where they were on the table in front of him, are help into place at about 15-20 cm or 6-8 inches from his head in every direction but with the razor’s edge pointing at his head, for about 1-2 seconds then the rapidly slash his head killing him

the second scene happens in somebody’s room with 2 people present and what seemed like a slightly different, animated version of Rodin’s Gates of Hell , as for the events of this scene, the 2 people are a young guy in his 20’s who gets into his room with a hottie of about the same age, then the Gates of Hell look alike sculpture comes to life , and partly sucks the girl in, skinning her alive at first, very fast, then kind of eating all of her , the guy in the scene seemed to know that was gonna happen and had to feed that thing, which thanked him for a lovely feast but was clearly evil …

I did look for this in movies to no avail, then again it might have been an episode of Tales from the Crypt, but it definitely felt a bit older and higher budget than the series …

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