Monster Documentary.

This is a documentary I remember watching way back in the 2000’s on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, it was about vampires and it was shot in an actual castle (I think it may have been Bram Castle) and the host talks about folkloric vampires,  vampires in nature and movies that feature vampires and there is a twist in which the host is a vampire.  This isn’t a movie, but it is a documentary and it mentions several vampire movies.

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  1. Hey Monstermaster 13, I just looked at all your posts because your name sounded familiar and I realized that I responded to one of them and did not get an answer. You’ve posted on here and received an answer 9 times, but only responded to an answer once! Please, if you want people to give you an answer why don’t you just respond? It’s considered polite and it’s all we really ask of you.

    1. I apologize. I thought that I pretty much have done that. I would very much appreciate an answer to this one though since I cannot find this one on Youtube (since I don’t remember the title of it, but going off the description I can basically say this is an accurate depiction of the documentary)

      I may have entered this entry before and I got What They Do In The Shadows but this came out before that movie.

        1. No problem. There is a second documentary I mentioned in the previous version of this where it was about werewolves or shapeshifters in folklore and there was mention of a weredeer or deer-person (i’m not sure which country has a person who can shapeshift into a deer or a weredeer as part of their lore, but I do know there was a deer-woman in a Masters Of Horror episode).

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