Misogynsitic scene from a movie.

I was having a discussion about how prevalent rape culture and misogyny in general was (and still is).  I don’t remember if this was a movie or a television show.  It was at least 20+ years ago, maybe 30+.  I remember a young man being given advice on how to “court” a young lady.  He was told that when she said, “No” he should keep going because once he had sex with her she would like it and ‘poof’ he has won her over.  I believe it was her apartment when he was ripping her clothes off and she was fighting back.  Then a heavy television was knocked off the tv stand and she caught it.  He was elated because now her hands were occupied and unable to hit him.  With her hands occupied holding the television, he made quick work of removing her clothing.  Then, quick cut to the next scene, they are laying together, both with smiles on their faces.  His prowess in bed apparently made her forget about being raped.  Anyway, even as a young man, I knew this was wrong, but it was the culture of the day.  So glad we are now moving in the right direction as a society.

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