Maybe police movies parody, comedy

Hello, I’m trying to remember a movie, I guess it’s from 80-s or 90-s. All I remember from the movie plot is that a nice guy, I think a policeman, starts acting like a badass biker, IIRC to make a girl to fall in love with him, and his enemy, a bad guy, starts acting like a nice guy, also to win that girl. The bad guy is very caricature  and I think he is much like professor Fate from the movie ‘The Great Race’.

I remember a scene, where this bad guy walks this girl in a garden, where he paints her portrait, then the nice guy jumps with his bike over a garden wall, and tells that the bad guy doesn’t paint her, that it is just something like ‘painting by numbers’ (where there are thin lines on a canvas or a sheet, and one should paint the gaps between the lines in suitable color), and the bad guyt ansrered something like “Do you know, how hard it is not to paint over these thin lines?”.

Afterwards, I think the girl wonders why the good guy became a biker, and he said that she never liked him when he was a good guy or something like thatr, and thje happy end.

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