May Include Nazis?

I remember that the movie is not in English
The main character was a little girl
The girl and her mom had to move into a house with a general (may have been a Nazi?)
There is some kind of war happening
At one point in the movie, some magic stuff happens and the girl finds a magic beast with goat legs; I think it said it was a dryad?
The girl’s mom gets sick
The girl asks the thing for help and it tells her to put a living root in a bowl of milk with a drop of the girl’s blood under her mom’s bed to heal her
Something happens and the general-stepdad gets mad and beats someone’s kid’s face in with a wine bottle and shoots the guy
More movie goes by and the girl gets some fairy friends
The girl finds a magic door to a lamia’s place
The lamia is asleep in a chair and won’t wake up unless someone touches any of the food on the table in front of him

The girl’s fairy friends try to get her to leave but the girl eats a grape from the table
The lamia gets mad and eats her fairy friends but the girl barely escapes
And the story gets deeper from there but I don’t remember the rest…

here is a mask of the lamia I found v

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