Mark Ruffalo Kate Winslet I’m almost sure were actors

Name of movie is bugging me bc it seems I apparently remember some of the scenes but have the actors and actresses all mixed up.

I thought Mark Ruffalo and Kate Winslet were the 2 lovers but I’ve looked at all their movies and nothing hit the mark.

I will say one movie with Ruffalo named “we don’t live here anymore” is similar in general plot….however the trailer I watched doesn’t follow the scenes I remember….especially the girl actress.

Here’s what I remember:

Mark is taking his very young daughter (toddler) to the community pool pushing a stroller. He gets there and sees his friend’s wife with her toddler ( I’m not sure about who has what toddler). Anyway they talk and you can tell there is a connection there but they are trying hard not to let their feelings out.

Somewhere during that time it starts to cloud up and rain and they rush home to her nearby house to get out of rain…they are both soaked. Kate ends up taking their wet clothes down into basement to dry them. The toddlers are sleeping.. for whatever reason Mark goes into basement to check on things and sees Kate there (I guess both are in robes). Some words ensue and eye contact made and they end up making passionate love on the dryer (well Kate is on dryer).

This is an old movie and the love scene is pretty explicit for the times… I was dumbfounded it was on tv but it could have been HBO or similar. It’s definitely a love drama with lots of heartache and tears.

What was this movie? I’m almost 100% sure they were the actors in the movie but cannot find a trace of them together in any movie like that. Am I crazy?

Was in color of course as it was probably somewhere between 1995-2010.


6 thoughts on “Mark Ruffalo Kate Winslet I’m almost sure were actors

    1. Thanks for the suggestion…however not movie in my head.
      It wasn’t a romantic comedy by any stretch of the imagination. It was a serious drama with very adult themes (infidelity, adultery, dishonesty, you get the picture)….😎

      Thanks anyway!

  1. BINGO! You guys are fantastic! And as I said before I wasn’t 100% sure about the actors involved but I was very confident Kate Winslet was in it. I don’t know how I got Mark Ruffalo in it but did find a movie with him in it that was similar in theme…so I guess over the years the 2 movies kinda morphed together. Yes the washer/dryer scene is quite steamy but I didn’t get to review it due to my McAfee virus protection software….oh well. There was a the side story of the sex offender I didn’t remember but now do, especially the gruesome end.
    Thanks again for confirming I wasn’t totally nuts.

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