Man teleporting/travelling in crate (Horror/SciFi)

I am trying to remember a movie, possibly 5-10 years old, in color, probably classified as horror (maybe a touch of SciFi).  It was not a big-budget movie.  It had no actors/actresses that I can remember.  For some reason I think the title of the movie was one-word, but am not certain.

From what I can recall a man wakes up bloody in a crate.  I believe I remember in one instance him being in some kind of transportation station, with paid lockers. I think he wakes in a crate or container (not a shipping container) under a set of stairs, and I recall a lot of trash around the area.  I cannot remember if this was English or Foreign.  I am leaning on foreign just based on how I remember the movie felt, but it felt very dark, unfamiliar, and the whole situation was just weird.

It could be possible my memory has completely failed me and no type of crate or container was involved.  It might have just been a guy, waking up bloody at different times in the movie, in different places, without remembering how he got there.  I also do not recall ever seeing the character fall asleep on their own; it seemed something unusual was always involved.  I also recall very little dialog; I feel like I remember the movie being very visually driven with the story arc and plot following this man.

I have searched IMDB using keywords, searched sites on weird/obscure movies, checked this site – all to no-avail.  Your help could stop my compulsion to find and complete watching this movie!


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