Man shoots himself.

This was not a movie, but I think it was an episode of the show Unsolved Mysteries. It was aired in the late 90s, early 2000s, and was in both English and in Color. The only thing I remember about the episode was this guy takes a handgun and he shoots himself in the crotch. I believe he killed his wife or something, and he either tried to kill himself or make it look like an accident or something.

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  1. Sorry for the late reply but this might be about Charles Stuart, a man in Boston who killed his wife and shot himself (in the stomach), then told police they had been attacked by someone else. This was in the late 80s. I won’t go into the details of the case here but here is the wikipedia entry on it:

    There was an episode of City Confidential on A&E about this case in 2000:

    Coincidentally, the TV show Rescue 911 was filming in Boston when this happened, and recorded footage of the aftermath of the crime, however I don’t know if this was ever incorporated into anything that was broadcast.

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