Man in painting comes to life! Traps women!

  1. I’ve been trying to find this movie or show for forever. I probably saw it in 2005ish(I was a kid). It was in English and in clout and I saw it on tv. It was about a woman who acquires an older painting of like an old castle hallway and puts it up in her home. I believe she has a husband at this time, but that the relationship is lacking. She finds out at night she can go into the painting where she meets a charming man from this castle who lives and is a part of the painting and comes to life at night (I don’t think he can leave the painting). They start an affair and she visits nightly. But one day she goes in the painting and finds out women are trapped in this painting (past owners he’s seduced into staying there I think) and I don’t remember the rest. Please help!

One thought on “Man in painting comes to life! Traps women!

  1. I can’t think of the title but I’m pretty sure its based on an old, short horror story.
    I remember reading it in a collection of horror stories about dreams and nightmares.

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