Made for tv romance movie

the main thing I remember about this made for tv romance movie is that the female lead helped out with a talent show for the local bar/community center by doing stand-up comedy. I think it was more of an ask the audience and make funny comments than a memorized routine.  I am fairly sure it was a Christmas movie.  And the girl falls for the son/brother of the family she is staying with.  And at first thinks he is not about helping people and sullen but then finds out he helps with this event and spends time with him.  I think I saw it on cable (basic) about two years ago.  It might be hallmark, ion, or lifetime.  I have tried looking it up to no avail.  I think the female lead was a brunette but not totally positive. I have tried Torrey Devito and Danika McKellar but I can’t remember for sure.  Any leads would be appreciated.

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